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In the past many automotive companies operating in the European market collaborated with Asian companies with the sole aim of reducing costs and remaining competitive in the international marketplace: this model over time has been consolidated through mutual trust and cooperation, with the result that this opportunity has been greatly expanded, allowing these same European companies to develop new products, complementing and supplementing their offer.

SHANGHAI AUTOTEC INTERNATIONAL CORP. being aware of this new phase has decided to strengthen its relationship with business partners in Europe, creating a base in Europe and thus founding AUTOTEC EUROPE in Italy and collaborating actively with AUTOTEC COMPONENTS in United Kingdom.

AUTOTEC EUROPE facilitates collaboration between the parent company and European customers, both distributors and producers of automotive components, improving communication and providing logistical support when needed.
Our commitment is to strengthen cooperation between Chinese companies belonging to the AUTOTEC group with our European customers, offering our expertise and long standing experience of collaboration with this successful Chinese company.

AUTOTEC EUROPE can help European companies to source and purchase directly from China, making it possible to reduce costs and expand product ranges, whilst also offering real-time support for developing new business projects in China.

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