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These Sales Conditions shall apply to all requests for proposals, Offers, Orders, Contracts and other legal
relationships between Autoelettric and Customer which concern the supply and delivery of Products and /
or Services by Autoelettric. These General Sales Conditions shall be applicable in so far as in a specific
agreement itself it is not expressly stipulated otherwise in writing. 

If upon acceptance of the Offer or otherwise Customer declares its general conditions applicable, the
reference to these GENERAL SALES CONDITIONS contained in Autoelettric's Offer shall be seen as the only
reference made and these GENERAL SALES CONDITIONS shall be applicable. The GENERAL SALES
CONDITIONS of Customer shall not be applicable. 

In the event Customer has once entered into an agreement or other legal relationship with Autoelettric, to
which these GENERAL SALES CONDITIONS apply, Customer shall be considered to have tacitly and
irrevocably agreed to the applicability of these GENERAL SALES CONDITIONS to future agreements or other
legal relationships with Autoelettric. 

Unless otherwise mentioned in the Offer, the Offer shall be valid for a period of thirty (30) days.

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