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Customer is deemed to have received the Product or supplied under the Contract in good condition and complete of all parts, accessories and Documentation required by the Contract. Autoelettric shall repair, replace or refund, at Autoelettric's option, any part of the Product not to be in conformity with the Specifications by reason of defective material, design or workmanship, provided that the Customer notifies Autoelettric, on pain of forfeiture of the warranty stipulated above, within: a) a preclusive time limit of eight (8) days after delivery for obvious defects shall be notified; b) the time limit of three (3) days after discovery for hidden defects. Such notifications shall include a description of the defect, which must be as detailed as possible. Complaints lodged in person or by telephone shall be supplemented within eight (8) days by detailed explanations in writing. This does not include on-site support.

Any warranty, shall apply only if: a) the Products are used and maintained under normal conditions and in accordance with the Documentation, information and advice furnished by Autoelettric; b) the Products are not modified or changed without the written approval of Autoelettric; c) Customer, without undue delay, has given Autoelettric notice of such defects, non-conformities or deviations before the expiration of the applicable warranty period; d) such defect, non-conformity or deviation was not caused by interworking or interoperable equipment or other products not supplied under the Contract; e) such defect, non-conformity or deviation was not caused by abuse, misapplication or external influences; f) Customer has given Autoelettric every opportunity to inspect and remedy such defect, non-conformity or deviation; g) Customer has withheld from using, applying, or processing defective Product after discovery of a defect. Customer shall store such Product carefully in a safe place, and shall not be entitled to claim compensation for storage and other costs.

Normal wear and tear of Product is excluded from the scope of this guarantee. Such repairs or replacements or refunds of the Product shall be made without undue delay from the date Customer has provided Autoelettric with a complete request related thereto and Autoelettric has accepted such request in writing. Any repaired or replaced Product will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period which shall not be extended.

Autoelettric must authorise all returns of equipment for repair or replacement. Transportation cost and risk of loss incurred with respect to the repair and/or replacement of defective goods shall be borne by Customer, unless otherwise agreed.

The warranties given above constitute the only warranties made by Autoelettric with respect to the Products and are in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

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